Work together toward collaborative, patient-centered care.

More than 30 years ago, we recognized that uniting like-minded organizations was not only a smart solution, but also a less risky one. That’s why we created the Clinical Practice Consortium, a voluntary organization made up of hundreds of our client hospitals, health systems and educational institutions throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Consortium members participate in collective work and exploration to accomplish common goals: to implement, scientifically validate and refine all elements of the Clinical Practice Model Framework and to create cultures that support excellence.

We’ve learned that engaging diverse healthcare organizations around the common goals of advancing practice and healthy work cultures provides an unmatched opportunity to learn, share and co-create instead of re-create the wheel. From the smallest rural hospital to the largest academic health center, Consortium involvement creates benefits that flow in both directions.

For us, the Consortium offers a continuous feedback loop that allows us to constantly improve our Framework, clinical content and tools, and ensure that our ideas about changing healthcare conform to realities faced by patients, clinicians and organizations.

For members, the Consortium’s collaborative opportunities open up a network to learn how others have addressed specific healthcare issues. This allows even the smallest or most geographically isolated organization to gain from the hard-won experiences of their peers. By becoming involved in a larger initiative focused on transforming healthcare, organizations can play a vital role in shaping not only their future, but also the industry’s. And that’s not an opportunity that presents itself every day.