Go beyond content for truly patient-centered care.

The first step to building a modern, collaborative healthcare organization is connecting every staff member with the content and resources they need. Content that integrates seamlessly with the way they work. Content that’s based on the latest evidence. Resources that break barriers and silos and put the focus on individualized, patient-centered care.

That’s the power of CPM CarePoints™ and Professional Practice Services.

CPM CarePoints is the only EHR-based care planning solution on the market that seamlessly integrates patient-centered care plans, evidence-based clinical practice guidelines and automated clinical documentation. CPM CarePoints aligns with your clinical workflow, providing the evidence-based content and clinical decision support you need to drive collaborative, patient-centered care.

Our Professional Practice Services team is comprised of clinicians with decades of experience across hundreds of organizations, as well as in-depth knowledge and experience with Joint Commission, Meaningful Use and Magnet designation. Our services methodology builds on both the strengths of your clinicians at the point of care as you continue on the path to sustainable, measurable practice improvement. Whether your goal is to implement evidence-based care at the point of care, advance team-based practice, achieve top of license practice or transform your work culture, we can design a plan and facilitate its execution to fit your unique needs and goals.